Sibling Support Group

The Rochester Center for Children welcomes siblings of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to join us during the school year for a monthly sibling workshop! Kids will have the unique opportunity to talk with other kids who understand what it’s like to have a sib with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Most importantly, they will also have a good time! Who can attend the Sibling Support Group? The group is for siblings ages 5 and up. We welcome step-siblings, half-siblings, and any other blended family and household arrangements. Families do not need to be clients of RCA to register. The group is led by Paige Galles, Lead Therapist.

What about my younger children and my child with autism? If a parent is present for the Parent Education and Support Group, limited childcare is available by therapists and trained volunteers (registration required) for children ages 2-4 or for your child with autism. To sign up for either group or inquire about childcare, contact Stephanie Johnson at

What is the cost of attending?

The cost is $10 for the first child you sign up, and $5 for each additional child. This fee applies for both the Sibling Group as well as the childcare group.

When are the meetings?

The Sibling Support Group typically runs the last Thursday of each month during the school year from 6:00-7:30pm, the same time as the Parent Group. A parent does not need to be in attendance at the Parent Group for the Sib to participate in the Sibling Group.

How to participate?

All Sibling Group participants must RSVP by the deadline to reserve their spot. To be added to the email list to receive notifications on the Sibling or Parent Support groups, please contact Stephanie Johnson at